Why Choose Thompson Falls Academy?

Able and Self Devoted Staff

Our staffs are friendly and welcoming, in addition to being self devoted to their work.

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Conducive Learning Environment

We offer a very friendly and conducive learning atmosphere in addition to high quality education.

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Continous Academic Excellence

Being one of the best centre of excellency within Karagita/ Mirera and Naivasha, surely school has won the heart of many parents.

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About Thompson Falls Academy

Thompson Falls Academy is a private mixed school founded in the year 2000 to provide a high quality education under 8-4-4 system. It has an E.C.D centre and Primary School. The School is located Within Naivasha sub-county.

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Message From The Director

I salute you all and once again welcome you to Thompson Falls Academy. Our main goal is to provide knowledge and skills as well as naturing the talent and potentials of every child in our school and produce the best.

It is our sincere request that you start visiting our website page and see a little of what we offer, but visiting our school will be an eye opener to more greater things that makes the school the most child, teacher and parent friendly institution of excellence

The school academic standard are of high value and our staffs are dedicated to ensure that children are spiritually, morally, socially and academically fit to face the society at large in future. The school have also embraced the new curriclum 2-6-6-3 launched in year 2018 and our teachers have attended the CBC training. Our school has also provided the CBC training in some occasions. We were also the centre of training of Tuzome Programme through the KPSA when it was introduced.

Wish everyone of you the very best.

Thank You

Isaac N. Kingori

Managing Director

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