About Us

Thompson Falls Academy is a private mixed school founded in the year 2000 to provide a high quality education under 8-4-4 system. It has an E.C.D centre and Primary School. The School is located Within Naivasha sub-county along Moi-South Lake road Karagita/ Mirera- Hells gate Location, approximately 8Km from Naivasha Town. The School was founded by Mr. Isaac N. Kingori, the managing director whose vision was to make it a centre of excellence and indeed it is. It's also founded on a very strong christian foundation principals under the school Chaplain, Pastor Kimotho, enhanced by the school Motto-: Forward Ever, Backward Never!


Forward Ever, Backward Never!


To develope an institution of acdemic excellence for the society, through a set of spiritual and moral values eg. Integrity, honesty and Godliness through pastrol care.


To nature the learners potential and talents by developing their competencies and skills in various learning activities that will make them fit in any society.

Core Values

  • Team Work- To be the backbone of our set-up goals
  • Excellence- High quality standards and performance
  • Honesty- Moral values and uphold good character
  • Integrity- Moral and ethical principals be paramount
  • Godliness- Be upheld through pastrol teachings
  • Respect- Be unconditional to everyone
  • Proffessionalism- Be embraced fully in all our doings
  • Efficiency- The key to achieving the best results
  • Committment- Tireles effort and self-devotion to achieve the best in both curriculums
  • Courtesy- Endeavour to be courteous to our parents/ Visitors