Pupils in swimming lessons.

School Hall That Can Hold up to 600 seats at a go.

Thompson Falls Academy dedicated staff pose for photo.

Pupils in a swimming lesson.

Attentive ECD pupils and their dedicated teachers in the assembly.

Primary school pupils in the assmbly.

Some pupils during break time as they refresh their minds.

Pupils refreshing their mind in our swimming pool during swimming lessons.

Pupils refreshing their mind in our swimming pool during swimming lessons.

2019 KCPE candidates pose for photo with their teachers awaiting to shake the earth.

Welcome. Our gates are always open for every one.

Regional cluster CBC Training in our hall.

Our able secretary in her office carrying out her duties cheerfully.

CBC trainer.

Our teachers refresh in order to give the best.

Teacher-child relationship- Our ECD teachers interact with our pupils.

Graduation Ceremony- Our chaplain issue gradution certificate.

The director issue certificate joyfully knowing that a life is touched somewhere.

The director, Mr. Kingori issue certificate to grade 2 pupil.

Our Scouts parade

Scouts band playing music .

The Deputy head teacher with school alumni of class 2012, Elizabeth Muthoni who was the head girl by then, when she paid a courtesy visit

Guest of honour read her speach during graduation ceremony.

Director inspecting scouts parade.

Scouts band entertaining the guests.

Girl guide matching.

Scouts Pose for photo.

Scouts band.

Graduants taking their positions.

Graduants Matching.

Graduation ceremony.

The head teacher, Mr. Otieno in his office working hard to ensure that young minds are shaped approprietely.

Class 2012 head girl, Elizabeth Muthoni, with the current school president, Julia Wakhanu.

Madam Hellen Maina Training ECD teachers and parents about CBC implementation.

ECD assembly.

Pupils playing in the school compound.